1911 – 1942

Frank was one of six children born to George and Daisy Green nee Quinton on 11 June 1911 in Harwich Essex. His Father George was born 13th January 1885 in Finchingfield Essex, date and place of his death are unknown. His Mother Daisy was born 13 December 1885 in Ipswich and died 13th May 1919 in Harwich. They were married October 1906 and set up home in Harwich. George was a cook in the Royal Navy, he joined on 15th February 1904 at HMS Ganges service No 362284 and was discharged from HMS Pembroke Royal Naval Barracks Chatham, 5th September 1912, before enlisting he had been employed as a milkman. During World War One he was called back to the colours while working as an office cleaner on 3rd January 1917, and started training as private 96284 Royal Army Medical Corps, once trained he was posted to Egypt, he was finally discharged in Blackpool on 31st March 1920.

Frank’s siblings were George b1906, Daisy b1908, Alfred John b1910, Arthur Richard b1912, and sister Caroline b 10th March 1918 who only lived for two days all children were Born in Harwich.

Before World War Two Frank was in the Royal Navy Reserve No AX18035 and during World War Two he served in the Merchant Navy as Able Seaman Green. It was while serving on the S.S. Goolistan as part of the Arctic Convoys to Archangel Russia, in some of the worst conditions of freezing cold and stormy mountainous seas that he lost his life. On the return voyage from Archangel to Loch Ewe carrying Timber and Cellulose as part of convoy QP-15 that the ship was lost with all hands. The convoy had set out from archangel on 17th November 1942 when a gale sprang up on the 20th and grew so great that the convoy was scattered. The merchant ships were now on their own in dangerous waters, on the 23rd , Hans Benker commanding U-625 attacked and sank the Goolistan between Bear Island and Spitsbergen north of Norway, the S.S Goolistan’s cargo had caught fire the ship was abandoned and the crew had taken to open boats before she sank, There was nothing heard from those men again, among the crew were some very young men, ten  were aged nineteen or younger one was only Fifteen years old. The U-625 was later attacked and sank in 1944.

When home on leave Frank used to stay with his brother Alfred who had married Phyllis May Finch who was born in Capel St Mary in 1910, they lived in Hill House Capel St Mary, Alfred died in a farming accident August 9th 1943 and is buried in grave 156 Lower Graveyard St Mary’s Church Capel St Mary, following Alfred’s death Phyllis went on to marry John Ratford younger brother Frederick Charles Ratford who had died in World War One.

Frank is commemorated with Honour on the Tower Hill Merchant Navy Memorial, London. Panel 53. And on his brother’s gravestone, St Mary’s Church Capel St Mary Suffolk.

Frank would have been entitled to:

  1. 1939-1945 Star

  2. Atlantic Star

  3. Arctic Star

  4. 1939-1945 War Medal.

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